March 2023

As part of this exchange of students, we will combine activities related to the knowledge of Nature „Mother“ Nature and the opportunities that we have to reuse and recycle Natural products in more and more Circular Economy.

Day 1
The students had the opportunity to know the school in the morning and start to work in international groups (each group will have at least a Portuguese participant). Each group presented in the afternoon the discoveries they made in how to use natural products in a more efficient way.

Day 2
Students put in practice their artistic apptitudes. They paste papers on plastic bottles. Participating in workshops on how to use Nature in daily life in a more sustainable way. For this, the students and teachers worked in international groups.

Day 3
The students had the opportunity to visit the water supply center of Porto region that is situated in Vila Nova de Gaia and the recycling center of the Porto region that was a former landfill and now is a park that can be used by the population. Finally, the students visited Porto city and saw what the city is doing to promote recycling and good environmental practices.

Day 4
Students worked on their projects all day in order to present the next day the results to all the participants and created their QR codes.
5th day All the students presented the result of the days of the exchange in the morning. In the afternoon all the participants prepared the next stage of the project.