May 2022
We were recycled and reused materials that we found in our homes and that we can find another useful life for. We collected old umbrellas and we used the fabric to make bags, pencil cases, and other things. There were involved the students, parents, and staff of school in all of the activity.
Before the exchange, we proposed the collection of old umbrellas in our school. We also tried to reach as many people as possible within our city, using posters and social media.

Day 1
The students began separating the fabrics from the umbrellas to be able to work with them. They needed to be classified by colours and sizes. We also needed to separate the metallic parts of the umbrellas which were later be used in our Technology classes to construct objects.

Day 2
The students designed their creations (like tote bags, pencil cases…) that they made using the fabric from collected umbrellas. They began to cut and prepare materials to later sewed and joined in other workshops later in the week. For this process, we worked with collaborative tools of Google, which helped everyone participated in the designs collectively.

Day 3
With help and collaboration from parents and families, we worked all together in the elaboration and creation of these items designed by students.

Day 4
We classified the items that were made and we made an inventory sheet, using QR codes, later organized an exposition, or gallery, of the objects that were created, as well as their elaboration process.

Day 5
Students from other surrounding schools were invited to our exposition to share the work we created, as well as sharing experiences about this process.