Selective recycling is still a challenge for a society that has not understood well enough that the environment needs recycling so that we, the people, can live in good, clean environmental conditions. People still do not know how to select this garbage because it has not come into the consciousness of all this idea and the termination of the earth’s resources has not become consciousness, in fact, but treats this aspect as something extremely distant.

We all aim for a sustainable future and it depends on what we do today. Therefore, we believe that everything must start from the school as well as at homes, from earlier ages, in a correct and coherent form through the direct and active involvement of the students who will not only stand to look at these aspects but will be requested through direct action. Recycling involves work, involvement but also inventiveness because of the proj. aims not only to select these materials but also to make or remake some of the recyclable materials, ready to be reused in the school field and beyond.

Thus, for each product QRs can be created.